DeBe Lasers offer competitively priced In Line Beam Analysis (ILBA) systems to help you improve laser processing performance by giving you peace of mind that your laser applications are stable, reliable and safe.

ILBA uses a flying wire to sample fibre, CO2, Nd:YAG, Nd:YV04 and other high-power lasers for initial verification of the laser beam but just as importantly detecting changes in the beam over time. Measuring beams from 10W to 8kW and from ø3 to 50mm diameter this analysis gives you real-time access to your process data, allowing you to accurately assess the performance of your laser and therefore your laser process.

ILBA is a compact unit at an installed cost which allows it to be permanently fitted to your laser for ongoing measurement or used on demand as part of your maintenance routine.

Laser beam characteristics analysed include:

  • Beam position
  • Beam diameter
  • Power distribution
  • Laser power

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