For use with advanced security systems, DeBe Lasers offer a state-of-the-art Covert Surveillance Illumination System (CSIS) with a range of features that allow the highest standards of night time surveillance. CSIS uses a range of infrared, invisible lasers to deliver accurate illumination for long-range surveillance, even in total darkness. With an illumination range of over 30km, CSIS has simple pan, tilt and illumination spot diameter (zoom) control (PTZ) either from the camera or from manual joy stick.

The unit is rugged, waterproof and internally temperature controlled making it ideal for use in a wide-range of environments and weather conditions and can be used in a rapid deployment system powered from a car’s battery. Furthermore, interlocking circuits prevent accidental use or damage.


  • Fibre optic beam delivery system
  • High brightness, high power beams
  • Accurate illumination at distances of over 30km
  • Adjustable pan-tilt and zoom output

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