Laser Marking

At DeBe Lasers we supply a wide selection of marking lasers. In manufacturing, marking lasers are used on hundreds of different commercial and industrial products, from smartphones and watch batteries, to frying pans and toothbrushes.

Our laser markers can be used on all types of metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and organic products, making them a cost-effective manufacturing solution. By carefully assessing the requirements of your application, we can help you choose the right laser, allowing you to achieve reliable, precision results every time.

How are marking lasers used?

Our laser markers are perfect for a range of applications, including annealing, foaming, colouring…

  • Annealing: By heating metals to specific temperatures, various colours can be achieved. This opens up extensive possibilities for branding and design work, giving a far more permanent and attractive result than most printing techniques.
  • Foaming: A dark plastic surface can be marked by using a laser to heat an area to cause local melting. Bubbles in the molten plastic create a “foam”, which stands out significantly brighter than the surrounding material. This application can be used to mark serial numbers, brand information or QR codes.
  • Colouring: Similar to foaming, colouring is used to mark light coloured plastics. The melting caused by the laser beam creates a layer of oxidised soot, which makes the design stand out from the surrounding plastic.
  • Engraving: The marking laser burns into a metallic surface, removing material and leaving indentations lower than the surface level. Engraving is suitable for wording, numerals and simple designs, and can be used on almost all metals. Designs can be enhanced by the use of metallic oxides during marking
  • Ablation: Some applications use multiple layers of different coloured material to achieve the desired effect. Ablation removes one or more top layers to reveal the colours below. This is frequently used in speedometers, compasses radio buttons and other forms of dial
  • Bleaching: The laser can be used as a simple bleaching device, the most commonly known example being wear patterning on denim jeans. This typically requires a longer wavelength laser such as a CO2

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