DeBe Lasers Nagitta is a compact Q-switched laser using the latest DPSS laser technology, delivering industry leading peak power and excellent beam quality, allowing fast processing times on a range of industrial applications.

Nagitta is compatible with DeBe’s marking system, enabling easy integration and maintenance free operation for long term, reliable performance in industrial environments.


Nagitta is easily programmed through a simple USB connection to a computer. Other features include: dedicated I/O; axis control; marking On-The-Fly; Through-The-Lens (TTL) vision; and bespoke customer interfaces.


  • High peak power coupled with short pulse duration
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Air cooled, maintenance free
  • Plug & Play/easy integration
  • Ideal for marking metal and plastic
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty

Laser Specification

Wavelength 1064nm
Power  3–10W
Beam quality TEM00 (M2 <1.1)
Peak power Up to 20kW
Energy Up to 0.4mJ
Pulse duration Pulsed 20ns/CW
Pulse frequency CW, 0 to 100kHz
Power requirement 0.3 kVA
Cooling Air


Marking Area Parameters

Flat field focal length mm Max marking Area mm Working Distance mm Approximate spot size µm
100  60 x 60 106 20
160 100 x 100 184 30
254 160 x 160 323 50
350 215 x 215 432 70
410 250 x 250 512 85
Max. marking speed >10000 mm.s-1    


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