DeBe Lasers Stylo uses the latest fibre laser technology; Stylo delivers high peak power and excellent beam quality, allowing for fast processing times on a range of industrial applications.

Stylo is designed to be a compact laser marker, enabling easy integration and maintenance free operation for long term, reliable performance in industrial environments.

Stylo is easily programmed through a simple USB connection to a computer. Other features include: dedicated I/O; axis control; marking On-The-Fly; Through-The-Lens (TTL) vision; and bespoke customer interfaces.


  • 10 to 100W models available
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Selectable pulse durations
  • Air cooled maintenance free
  • Plug & Play/easy integration
  • Ideal for marking metal and plastic
  • Comprehensive 3-year warranty

Laser Specification

Wavelength 1060nm -1080nm
Power  1–100W
Beam quality M2 1.5 standard (1.2&3 options)
Peak power Up to 10kW
Energy 0.8,1.0 & 1.2mJ models
Pulse duration CW or pulsed, 3 – 500ns
Pulse frequency CW, 0 to 1000kHz
Power requirement 0.3 - 0.6 kVA
Cooling Air


Marking Area Parameters

Flat field focal length mm Max marking Area mm Working Distance mm Approximate spot size µm
100  60 x 60 106 30
160 100 x 100 184 60
254 165 x 165 323 90
350 200 x 200 432 110
410 280 x 280 512 130
Max. marking speed >10000 mm.s-1    


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