ZOOM (Zoom Beam Expanders)

The DeBe Zoom Beam Expanders (ZOOM) are among the most cost-effective units available, perfect for all manner of laser marking applications. A ZOOM allows you to adjust the spot size and focus height of your laser to achieve the specific surface finish, colour and marking speed you require.

Different spot sizes can be selected to best suit the application. For instance, a fine beam will give you sharp, high quality corners, but will not be suitable for rapid filling. On the other hand, large spots are great for filling and annealing, but less suitable for etching. Without a ZOOM, spot size can only be changed by de-focusing the laser beam which can lead to an inconsistent marking process. The ZOOM also allows you to adjust the focus height during operation. This can be done manually, or from the laser processing software.


  • Compatible with all laser marking software applications
  • 1 to 3 times beam expansion range: 1 to 10 intensity range
  • Large height control range to allow marking of shaped parts
  • Available for a range of laser wavelengths

Download The ZOOM Datasheet

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